PHARMAgen Customized Analysis

The PHARMAgen Customized Analysis allows the physician to gather pharmacogenetic and drug interaction information without imperatively having to know the drug pathways involved. Three different approaches are possible, if ever the information is scientifically available: (i) either the physician prescribes a PHARMAgen test for any drug and gets pharmacogenetic information, (ii) the physician provides a list of drugs which a patient is already treated with and asks for eventual drug interactions or possible pharmacogenetic issues, or finally (iii) the physician may also prescribe the genetic analysis of known polymorphisms of any phase I enzyme.

When to prescribe?
  • In case of severe known side effects to drugs
  • In case of lacking response to a treatment
  • Before taking a new treatment
  • Before a surgical intervention (anesthesia)
  • Before taking concomitant medication
  • Before prescribing expensive treatments


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